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Welcome to Hai'an Subei optical lens factoryBusiness consultation hotline: 13906277565
Language: 中文版英文版Consultation:400-688-1251

Choose our SUBEI optical glass instrument THREE ADVANTAGES

Three Advantages of Choosing Our Northern Jiangsu Optical Glass Instrument.

Engaged in R & D, production and sales of various specifications of optical components

It is a glass technology-based enterprise mainly engaged in colored and colorless optical glass filters, color filters, quartz glass, heat insulation glass, ultraviolet glass, infrared glass, optical lenses, prisms, cylindrical mirrors, welding protection filters, black glass lenses, counterfeit detection and counting machines, money detector filters, silicon photocells, color lamp glass sheets, coating and other optical glass products of various specifications.


It has a modern production base

We adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, and are committed to the production and precision processing of optoelectronic devices. Introduce high-tech, high-precision equipment and advanced production technology in the industry, and have advanced inner circle slicer. The accuracy is ± 0.01mm, the thickness of a single piece is ≥ 0.3mm, and the polishing and grinding equipment ensure the quality, environmental protection and output of the product production process.


Treat every customer company sincerely

Adhering to the business philosophy of "continuously meeting customer needs, improving corporate social value, pursuing perfect design and improving ourselves". "Based on integrity, create brand with quality, and promote development with brand" is the purpose, which is the way of survival and development of enterprises.



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